How It All Began


Welcome. About 7 years ago I was asked by my university to teach an online version of a course that I had been teaching in the classroom for a long time. I said “Sure!” and proceeded to try to teach the course online the exact same way but without the face to face contact. I learned pretty quickly that online courses require a different approach to be successful. After a few years of making improvements by trial and error, my university began a Masters in Online Teaching and Instructional Design. I signed up and learned just how much I didn’t know.  This blog is designed to share my experiences with that program, my experiences with redesigning my courses using what I learned, and the things that I continue to learn now that I have realized how much information is out there. It might have an occasional book review, and will definitely include useful links as I find them. I hope you enjoy reading it and gain some new ideas in the process.